Michael is a BMI composer and his academic credits include both a degree in
music and education from St. Martin's College in Lacey, Washington, USA
where he studied under Rev. Eugene Kellenbenz O.S.B. a renowned
liturgical composer.

He went on to earn a degree in music composition from
Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington, USA. There he studied
with composer Lockrem Johnson, himself a student of Howard Hanson
and a  colleague of composer John Cage and choreographers Martha Graham
and Merce Cunningham.

Over the years, Michael's compositional styles have been far ranging.  He's
explored everything from 12-tone serial composition to contemporary rock
and pop forms. He recently worked alongside the 70's British rock
legend Peter Frampton while performing duties as composer
and music director for a current TV info-mercial.

Michael has served as a member of the team of composers behind the critically
acclaimed PBS series "Wings Over America" produced by Jeff Gentes of
KCTS Public Television, Seattle.  Among the episodes that Michael
worked on were "Washington D.C. Our Nation's Capital" with actor
Jason Robards narrating and more recently the 90 minute special
"Over America" with actor Tom Skerrit doing the narration.

Michael also composed the soundtracks for the popular
Civil War Series produced by documentary producer/director Jan Kurtis
for Camelot Media.

In addition to his compositional work, Michael is also a highly skilled synthesizer
programmer.  He assisted composer Hans Zimmer by creating complex
and unusual synth sound textures for the 20th Century Fox
feature film "TOYS" starring Robin Williams.

In the early 70's Michael and his wife Collene joined fellow composer Ron Ellis,
his wife Nancy and flautist Mary Lowney at St. Patrick's Parish in Seattle
to form the liturgical performing and recording group Ellis & Lynch.
Ellis and Lynch 1974
They traveled widely across the United States for over 10 years and during
that time released seven albums and songbooks.  These recordings and music
are currently available through Raven Music Co. P.O. Box 77011
Seattle, Washington  98133, USA.  For further inquiries
email Ron Ellis at:  ronellis@nwlink.com

In 1980 Michael and Collene formed C&M Productions and in 1985
 they released the recording and songbook "Bread Of The World"
through Oregon Catholic Press.  Several selections from that recording
are included in the Today's Missal Music Issue.

Michael's songs for worship are being sung in churches throughout the world.
Most notably "Father Of Peace",  "Bread Blessed & Broken",
"We Stand In Need", "New Life, New Creation", and
"In The Land There Is A Hunger"
which is quite popular at this time with choirs in Great Britain.

Click here to see a catalog of Michael's songs for worship>>>Michael Lynch Liturgical Compositions

Today, Michael and Collene are music ministers at Christ The King Parish in
Seattle, Washington, USA where Michael continues to compose both
instrumental and congregational music for worship. He recently composed
"Micah 6:8" which was dedicated to the late Rev. Andrew Bullwinkel and
has just made available his "Mass Of The Covenant" and is currently
putting finishing touches on a "Mass For Advent".

A number of Michael's newer liturgical compositions are available online through
the internet.  Simply click on this logo and go directly to the online publications page.

Recently Michael completed music for a high energy computer game
"Fly Hunter"as well as an educational video for the "Jason Project"
which was founded by Dr. Robert Ballard (discoverer of the Titanic).
In addition he wrote and produced the score for the newest video release
from "Railway Productions", producers of the renowned
"America By Rail" series.

Currently Michael's music can be heard in both the US and Canada
on the internationally syndicated radio program "Imagination Theater".
  Michael composes the intriguing and captivating music for both the
"Adventures Of Harry Nile" and the "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"
written and produced by Jim French, directed by Pat French.
These programs can also be heard worldwide on the internet by going to the
Transmedia of San Francisco Web Site and clicking on this week's episode.

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