Michael Lynch - Music Production Credits
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U.S. Department of Education
Aquarium Of The Americas (New Orleans)
Railway Productions ("America By Rail")
Camelot Media
Scandinavian Airlines
Society Expeditions ("Project Greenland")
KCTS TV (Channel 9 - Public Television)
Western Family Foods
Transmedia of San Francisco
"Over America"
"Over California"
"Washington D.C. Our Nation's Capital"
J.C. Penney
Edge Learning Institute
D.J. & Company (Dean Jones)
Media Partners (Dana Morrow)
20th Century Fox
The Bon Marche
eMedia Corporation
Wilcox Family Farms
Millenium Arts of Seattle (Jim Johnson)
KIRO Radio (Mystery Theater)
Children's Hospital of Seattle
Lucas Films
Peterbilt Trucks
Introspect Records
Seafirst Bank
Fransican Communication of Los Angeles
Jason Project (Dr. Robert Ballard)
American Lung Society
Water Sports Network
"Get Wet" syndicated TV program
The Wright Group Publishing of San Diego
Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle
Oregon Catholic Press
ADGL Productions
RPM Seattle (Music Preparation)
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
VBS Reachout Adventures