Below is a list of publications currently available on the internet.
New selections will be added from time to time so come back frequently
for the latest updates.   (coming soon . . . "Mass For Advent")

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  Micah 6:8 (for Rev. Andrew Bullwinkel) Keyboard/Vocal Edition - - $1.50
Guitar/Vocal Edition - - $1.00 
SATB Edition - - - - - - $1.75
  Shepherd Of My Soul Keyboard/Vocal Edition - - $1.50
  Song Of Farewell Keyboard/Vocal Edition --$1.50
  Mass Of The Covenant (Lenten Mass) Keyboard/Vocal Edition - - $2.50
   (Includes: Lord Have Mercy, 
   Lenten Invocation, Holy, 
   Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen and
   Lamb Of God)
  The Road Home (Violin/Flute/Piano)  Full Edition - - $1.75
  The Journey  (Violin/Flute/Piano)  Full Edition - - $1.75
  Distant Land (Violin/Flute/Piano) Full Edition - - $1.75
  Via Dolorosa (Violin/Flute/Piano) Full Edition - - $1.75
  Prayer Of The Heart (Violin/Flute/Piano) Full Edition - - $1.75