Liturgical Resources On The Internet

Liturgical Resources compiled
by composer Michael Lynch

Alcuin & Clemens Libraries (St. John's University)

The Order Of St. Benedict

Resource Publications

The Gregorian Chant Homepage (Princeton University Music Dept.)

Theology Library for Liturgy

Liturgical Catechesis

The University of St. Mary of the Lake - Mundelein, Illinois

Liturgy & Liturgical Studies

The Liturgical Press

Early Music & Chant

Documents Of The Roman Catholic Church

Oregon Catholic Press

Desperate Preachers Site

Interpretive Liturgical Dance

Church Music & Liturgical Resources

The Liturgical Conference

Music In Catholic Worship  (the document)

Pastoral Arts Associates

The Vatican Web Site

Gregorian Institute of America

National Association of Pastoral Musicians

Church Music& The Arts

Notre Dame Center For Pastoral Liturgy

Sacred Music Liturgical Resources

Federation Of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions

Orthodox Icons

The Book Of Kells

Liturgical Compositions of Michael Lynch

Ellis & Lynch

Raven Music of Seattle

Liturgy Resources For Catholic Educators

Daily & Sunday Mass Readings (National Conference of Catholic Bishops)

St. John Vianney Church - Internet Resources

Music & Liturgy Resources

G.R. Hoelzeman Liturgical Art

Roger Hogan Studios - Liturgical Arts

The Liturgical Year

Jewish Liturgical Music

Liturgical Backgrounds

Liturgical Publications, Inc.

Abbott Liturgical Arts

An Anglican Liturgical Library

Worship & Spirituality Site

Fr. Eugene A. Walsh, S.S.

St. Therese Catholic Church - Seattle, WA USA

Hildegard Von Bingen

Liturgy Training Publications

Patty Repikoff - Thoughts & Reflections

Sibelius Academy - Church Music Site

The American College at Louvain

Committee On The Liturgy - National Conference of Catholic Bishops, USA

Digital Liturgy On-line

The Roman Liturgy

Humenick Liturgical Arts

Liturgical Studies - Georgetown

Symbols In Christian Art & Architecture

St. Barbara Roman Catholic Church - Black Diamond, Washington, USA

Liturgical Clip Art - Liturgical Publications, Inc.

Mass & Liturgy - Real presence of Christ in the Eucharist

Religious Icons On The World Wide Web

Russian Icons

Liturgy & Common Ground by Rembert Weakland

Liturgy: Reform & Renewal

The Web Of Creation

Worship Resources

Librarian's Guide to Catholic Art

Roman Catholic Vestments

Vatican Art

Creating Liturgical Music

Church Music & Liturgical Resources

Foundation For Liturgical Music

Liturgical Music - "Why do we sing?"

National Catholic AIDS Network - Liturgical Resources

Help for Leaders in Worship

Contemporary Catholic Artists Network

Jubilaeum - Canto Gregoriano

Worship Planning Calendar

Pastoralink - Planning Resources

Prayer & Worship

Meditations On Scripture And Liturgy

Worship Map

Church Architecture - A Resource Network

The Virtual Church

Liturgical Sewing

GIA's Calendar of Sacred & Liturgical events

Liturgy Forum - Discussion group

The Liturgical Press Journals

National Catholic Reporter

The Tablet - Catholic Internet Newsletter

Contemporary and Traditional Hymns - Midi Files

Catholic Midi Page

Liturgy Office - Archdiocese Of New York

Anglicans Online - Liturgical Resources

Liturgical Music for Guitarists - Psalms

Internet Guide To Preaching

Internet Resources in Religion & Theology - Duke University

American Catholic Press

Amadeus Music Center

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